The Montessori Classroom


A Montessori Classroom’s material is classified as practical life exercises, sensorial, language, and math.  

A brief description of each is provided below:


These exercises involve things and tasks we come across daily such as tying shoelaces, buttoning, pouring, sweeping, etc. These exercises lead to independence and help children to adapt to the real life environment.


Sensorial exercises use materials leading to refining visual, auditory, and tactile sense. Some examples of this kind of material are the pink tower, color tablets, sound boxes, and fabric sorting.


Language development is achieved through the use of materials such as sand paper letters and the moveable alphabet. Reading and writing skills are developed by learning phonics, using workbooks, etc.


Learning numbers, symbols of quantity, addition, and subtraction are done by using various hands-on materials such as sand paper numbers and counting objects.


Since computers have an integral function in today’s society, we provide computers so that children may become familiar with them while enhancing their language and math skills through computer programs at the same time.

Children are encouraged to build their imagination and engage in creative expression through various forms of painting (brushes, sponges, marbles, stamps, etc.), art projects, dress up, playdough, coloring, magnet/flannel boards, etc.  Group music time involves singing, dancing, movement, musical games, enacting songs with props, etc.


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